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Operational Notes
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This website is a family site (i.e., not public). It is limited to those individuals that are related by blood or marriage to the webmaster DV Freeman. New registrations are, therefore, limited to individuals who can show a direct relationship to an individual already listed on the site. The website currently contains about 2,800 individuals of which about 800 are living. The following Q&Aís should provide sufficient guidance for actions you might be considering.

  • Whatís available if I donít register? What you see is what you get. For the deceased, personal data (full names, vitals, photos, and histories) are available. For the living, given names of the living are abbreviated and other personal data (vitals, photos, and histories) are suppressed. Comments on individuals listed on the site are always welcome using the Contact Me (menu at bottom of Home page). However, please provide a citation (source) for your information.

  • Can I add my ancestor to the website? Yes. Complete the Registration Form and include in the Comments section: a) the identity of your ancestor and the individual already on the website and b) the descendent line that ties your ancestor to you. I will contact you for additional details. This does not mean you personally will have be added to the website.

  • Is there an advantage to listing me on the website? Yes. As noted above, your name is abbreviated and all personal data, photos, and histories are suppressed. However, being listed allows you to access the full capabilities of this website (ancestral charts, relationship charts, family groups, etc.) with you as a starting point.

  • What if I want to see the data that is suppressed for living individuals? If you want to see your personal data or personal data of living relatives on the website, I will set up a ďFamily BranchĒ for you and provide you with a password. This password will allow you to see the full names and personal data of all living individuals in your particular branch. A ďbranchĒ is strictly limited to your immediate family members through 1st cousins. Check the R&R Privacy Policy (menu at bottom of Home page) for more detail on the control of data for living individuals and branch management policies.


  • Mission - Please click on the word "mission" in the site introduction summary on the home page so you understand the principles upon which this website was developed.

  • Work in Progress - Genealogy websites are typically dynamic by their nature, so this site should be considered a ďwork in progress.Ē Be sure to click on "What's New" to see the most recent updates. If you have comments, corrections, or suggestions, please contact me.

  • Listed or Not Listed - If you are listed on the website and would like to be unlisted, please contact me immediately. If you are not listed and would like to be, please contact me by registering for a User Account.

  • Suppressed Data - Per the privacy policy, registered individuals in your family branch have access to your personal data. If you want access to their personal data and that of others in your family branch, you must read the R&R Privacy Policy, agree with the Terms of Use, and register for a User Account.

  • Multiple Trees - A majority of the family members have been integrated in a single Cartwright tree. Separate family trees have been established for some family branches (Donovan, Torrey, Lewis, Ninesling) where research suggests data will be collected on more than two or three ancestral generations. Normally, the only duplication between trees will be the two individuals where trees join. While separate trees minimize impact on the Cartwright database, descendants associated with the separate tree will have to look in both trees to find all of their roots and relatives.

  • Most Wanted - Photos, biographies, obituaries and anecdotes for our ancestors as it is this material that makes the site interesting. Also, photos of you and your family that you are willing to share with the members of your family branch.

  • Last/Surname Search - Females can only be found by using their maiden name in the Last/Surname search field. If you do not know the maiden name, use the homepage Advanced Search capability. The Advanced Search supports searching by a variety of parameters.

  • Memo Entries - The genealogy software on the website handles memoranda differently than the genealogy software on my home computer. You will, therefore, find some memo entries with abbreviated or incomplete wording. The disconnects are being addressed when the problem is noted.

  • Featured Ancestor - It is my intention to periodically change out the home page featured ancestor as I develop biographies and find photographs of interesting ancestors. If you have an interesting ancestor in your family line, and supporting biographical material, don't hesitate to send it to me.

Most of the R&R website content and the menus to use this content are intuitive (read me, histories, statistics, links, etc.). The following is offered to help the user understand the capabilities of this site that may not be obvious. It may help to print these instructions to use while gaining familiarity with the website.

Note: To print, highlight this section of text, press control/p on the keyboard, then click on selection, apply, and print.

Home Page/Mission
The mission of the website is summarized on the homepage. Please click on the word "mission" in this summary to see a more detailed explanation.

Home Page/Photos
  • Clicking on Photos and entering a surname in the Search field allows you to narrow your search and brings up the selected photos with notes.
  • Clicking on the small image (thumbnail) brings up a larger image and related notes.
  • Clicking on the name in the Linked to column takes you to that personís home page.
  • Clicking on Thumbnails Only brings up the entire photo album. Place your cursor over any thumbnail and its title will appear. Clicking on the thumbnail brings up a larger image and related notes.
  • Clicking on Descriptive View will return you to the photos with notes.

Home Page/Cemeteries
  • Clicking on Cemeteries and then Show all headstone records takes you to the Headstonesí page (see below).
  • Clicking on a State/County brings up the cemeteries/headstones in that county. Clicking on the thumbnail or on see photo & location in the Status column brings up a larger image, a map, and related notes.
  • Clicking on the name in the Linked to column takes you to that personís home page.

Home Page/Headstones
  • Clicking on Headstones and then on the small image (thumbnail) brings up a larger image, a map, and related notes.
  • Clicking on the name in the Linked to column takes you to that personís home page.

Home Page/Reports
  • Clicking on Reports brings up a listing of all deceased ancestors and their relatives that were born in the current month. This is a good excuse to schedule a birthday party just about every day in the month.

Home Page/Albums
  • Clicking on Albums brings up a listing of available photo albums. These albums focus on a particular person, family, place, or activity and include photos not shown elsewhere on the site.

Home Page/Search
  • Entering a name (or part of a name) in the Search fields narrows the search to all persons with that name.
  • For privacy reasons, the data entered in the First/Given Name(s) field is ignored for living persons. For example, if Edmund (first name) and Freeman (last name) are entered, the search will find only deceased persons named Edmund Freeman. If E. (first name) and Freeman (last name) are entered, the search will find only deceased persons with an e somewhere in their first name and Freeman for a last name. If you want to search for living person D.V. Freeman, you will have to enter only Freeman in the last name field. D.V. Freeman will then be found in the results of this search (as well as everyone else named Freeman).
  • A search can also be done by clicking on By Surname and using that page to narrow the search to a particular group of individuals.
  • Use the Advance Search if the maiden name of the person is not known.
  • Clicking on the target person in the final dropdown list will then take you to that personís home page.

Personís Home Page
  • Note the biographical data collected for the individual.
  • Sources for the data are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • The photo section of the page includes all photos linked to this person.
  • Clicking on any underlined name will take you to that specific page.
  • Personal data and photos for living individuals are suppressed except for immediate family members with passwords.

Personís Home Page/Ancestors
  • Clicking on Ancestors (menu at top of page) will bring up 4 generations of ancestors.
  • Clicking on the orange triangle will allow you to trace earlier ancestors.
  • Clicking on any ancestor will take you to that ancestorís home page.

Personís Home Page/Descendants
  • Clicking on Descendants (menu at top of page) will bring up 8 generations of descendants in the text format.
  • Should you want to see more/less generations, change the 8 to a larger/smaller number and click on the Text format.
  • Or, to see a larger number, click on a descendant to go to that personís home page and then click on that personís descendants.
  • Click on Standard, Compact, or Register to see other formats for descendant information.

Personís Home Page/Relationship
  • Clicking on Relationship (menu at top of page) will bring up a page that allows you to determine whether there is a common ancestor between two individuals in this data base.
  • If a relationship exists, the generations will be displayed and the relationship will be identified in text (e.g., Edmund Frederic Freeman is the first cousin of Benjamin Franklin 8 times removed).

Personís Home Page/Family Group Sheet
  • Clicking on Group Sheet will bring up the vital records for each member of this personís family.

Personís Home Page/Histories
  • If a biography has been developed for this person, it will be listed here. Clicking on any underlined biography will take you to that specific page.
  • Once on the Biography page, you may click on any photo for a larger view or any underlined word/phrase for additional detail.
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