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David Freeman (2006)
David V. Freeman
For many years, helped by many family members, I have collected information on my ancestors, the Cartwrights of Boston and Nantucket, the Johnstons of Boston and Philadelphia PA, the Freemans of Cape Cod and Dover NH, the Edwards of Coastal ME and England, and on their allied families. This has helped me understand my heritage and the part these ancestors played in making me who I am today. It has also resulted in reconnecting with close cousins and establishing new and valued relationships with distant cousins.

An accepted benchmark in genealogy is knowing your eight great grandparents and their living descendants in your generation, your 2nd cousins. During my research, I have found some individuals who don’t know much about their grandparents and some who don't care much about their 1st cousins. I believe this lack of appreciation of one’s own roots and relatives can be attributed to the gradual breakup of the family unit over the past century due to the increasing mobility of our society.

However, I find there are many individuals who want a better understanding of their ancestral heritage and who want to know more about their living relatives - possibly to reestablish relationships with “lost” cousins. As a genealogist, therefore, I decided to use the internet, with its power to communicate, to help members of our many family branches discover both ancestors and living relatives in order to reach the above benchmark. This objective is the basis for the design of the Roots & Relatives website. This site is certainly not the answer to the question, "Who are you?" but it should help by providing an answer to this question.


This site is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Edmund Frederic Freeman and Lucy Anne Edwards, whose unflinching devotion to the family unit awakened my desire to create this forum for our extended family. I would like to believe they are smiling down upon this effort. I want to thank my brothers Edmund and Peter for always being there with answers and encouragement - in spite of the fact I suffer from claustrophobia from being rolled up in a rug by them when I was a child.

In addition, I owe a debt of gratitude to the following individuals who I consider critical to the success of the R&R Genealogy Website:

  • Martha Jane Koop - For her love and continued support in spite of endless discussions on genealogy - when she would really prefer to discuss science fiction, serial killers, or the latest Sean Connery flick.
  • Darrin Lythgoe - For The Next Generation software and his expertise, unending support, and patience with this website neophyte.
  • Curtis Edwards Freeman - For the years he has spent researching the Freeman line with more diligence than I could ever muster.
  • Philip Edwin Edwards - For his research of the Edwards line and documenting his findings in the 1972 manuscript Edwards Origins and Descendants. This manuscript continues to serve as a source for details in this line.
  • Ernest Newcombe, Jr. and Elizabeth (Strachan) McLoone – For sharing their family's research on the descendants of Warren Galucia and Sarah Cartwright (Galucia, Todd, Newcombe and Strachan lines).
  • Donna Lee Freeman – For the loan of my mother’s postcard collection and her first photo album, the source of many early 20th century Edwards' photos - and for her love and continued support.
  • Richard Nellson and Susan Stride - For access to hundreds of late 19th century and early 20th century photos of the Nellson/Percy lines and letters written by my father during WWI - and for their continued interest and encouragement.
  • Daniel and Sandra Edwards - For access to data, anecdotes, and dozens of late 19th century photos of our English Edwards ancestors.
  • Tracy Lewis, Al Donovan, Donald and Fred Sleeper - For going the extra mile in providing data on their family branches.
  • The many members of my extended family branches for listening to my entreaties for information, for supporting me with photos, anecdotes, and histories - and for trusting me with their personal data.

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