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1 "A worthy soldier of the American Revolution." HEATH, Capt. William Sr. (I1463)
2 "All of us sick with diptheria." This would be Betsy and seven children. Family F867
3 "Alpheus came home from the war." KELLEY, Alpheus G. (I2097)
4 "Daniel enlisted in the War of 1812 and never returned." KELLEY, Daniel (I2143)
5 "Family moved to Cincinnati when father was quite young." GUTZWILLER, Erwin Charles Sr (I463)
6 "Mercury 30 degrees below zero." KELLEY, Martin C. (I2079)
7 "Mildred" from WWI draft registration. ALLEN, Ethel Mildred (I2076)
8 "Nathan Freeman 'was of Sandwich' when he married but soon after settled in Middleboro." Family F1003
9 "Sewall and Alpheus started for Chicago." KELLEY, Alpheus G. (I2097)
10 "Sewall and Alpheus started for Chicago." KELLEY, M. Sewall (I2096)
11 "Some time in the fall, (Charles) moved to Phillips with his mother, Pinky, Bessie & Fred." HAMMONS, Charles Taylor (I2071)
12 "Taylor" from WWI draft registration. HAMMONS, Charles Taylor (I2071)
13 (Albert Francis Donovan, Sr. household) DONOVAN, John Joseph (I2)
14 (or likely age 92). GARDNER, Lucy (I132)
15 (Patrick Francis Donovan household) DONOVAN, Helen (Honey) M. (I16)
16 (Sisters of Charity records list 23 Nov 1809 as date of birth) MURPHY, Mary Priscilla (I4)
17 SLEEPER, Carl Woodbury (I442)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F857
19 1 Drummond Gate , London England SW1V 2QQ Repository (R29)
20 101 Newberry Street Repository (R16)
21 10th child of 13 siblings. BRAY, Nancy Ann (I2296)
22 1100 West 49th Street, Austin, Texas 78756-3199 Repository (R19)
23 150 Mt. Vernon Street, Dorchester (Columbia Point), MA 02125, 617-740-2600 Repository (R30)
24 1578 new date CUSHMAN, Robert (I1120)
25 1676/77 by Nantucket records. CARTWRIGHT, Sampson (I277)
26 1776 D Street, NW Repository (R59)
27 1850 Census: Maine, York County; parents: David & Martha Hammons HAMMONS, Wilson (I2070)
28 1851 and 1881 censuses list Woorside and Sedgly (respectively) as places of birth. RUSSON, Mary (I633)
29 1870 Census says 1816. WOOD, Giles Johnson (I700)
30 1900 census lists date of birth as 1860. DONOVAN, Catherine (Kitty) (I7)
31 1900 census lists date of birth as 1867. DONOVAN, Honora (I37)
32 1900 census lists date of birth as 1872. BACON, Evelyn (I9)
33 1918 Draft Registration list date of birth as 10 Jul 1899. CAMERON, Clarence Codman Sr. (I264)
34 20 miles SW of Elsworth, ME. Family F610
35 2nd child of six siblings. BRAY, John (I2318)
36 2nd husband Thomas Berry was not the brother of 1st husband George Berry. Family F351
37 2nd marriage for both. Family F13
38 2nd marriage for both. Family F1006
39 2nd marriage for both. The town of Greenwich (pronounced Green-wich not Gren-ich) was incorporated in 1754 and then sacrified in 1938 to
construct the Quabbin Reservoir. 
Family F152
40 2nd marriage for both. The town of Greenwich (pronounced Green-wich not Gren-ich) was incorporated in 1754 and then sacrified in 1938 to
construct the Quabbin Reservoir. 
Family F680
41 2nd marriage for Peter based on Mary's age statement of no children in 1900 census. Family F690
42 30 yrs, 8 mos, 3dys old at death 4 Sep 1913. CADWALLADER, Florence Sarah (I1868)
43 3rd marriage for Doris Conrad. Family F672
44 60 years old on 14 Aug 1662. COLEMAN, Thomas (I2496)
45 70 Coolidge Avenue Repository (R1)
46 95 Forest Hills Street Repository (R2)
47 a duplex located one block from Winnemac Park, corner of W. Foster and N. Damen. Family F20
48 a duplex next to the North Branch Chicago River between Chicago and Grand Avenues. Family F18
49 A Frederick A. Gile of the correct age was found boarding with Charles E. Wilson on the 1910 census. HOWARD, Frederick (I1922)
50 A German Jew, the first physician on Nantucket. BROWN, Joseph M.D. (I276)

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